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My experience

Navigating my professional journey, I’ve crafted impactful marketing strategies across diverse industries. At CapRelo, I pioneered a dynamic blog program, revamped our website, and orchestrated successful campaigns, driving notable increases in product awareness and sales. While at Eyegaze Inc, I led website redesigns, executed effective paid acquisition strategies, and forged strategic partnerships to bolster market presence.

In roles like Marketing Associate, I produced engaging training videos, managed social media campaigns, and cultivated alliances with industry leaders. These experiences honed my project and product management skills, emphasizing leadership and strategic planning.

Proficient in Adobe Cloud, WordPress, and CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics, I bring a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and a collaborative spirit to elevate any organization. 

my education

Transitioning from George Mason University with a degree in Communication to pursuing an MBA at The College of William and Mary signifies more than just an academic shift—it encapsulates my dedication to excellence and an unwavering passion for continuous personal and professional growth. This journey isn’t merely about earning degrees; it’s about embracing opportunities to refine my skills, broaden my perspectives, and cultivate a mindset that thrives on innovation and strategic thinking.

photos of me

Explore my world in these snapshots. From family joy to the thrill of working remotely, celebrating academic achievements, and indulging in the excitement of race cars and engine swaps, each photo tells a story. 

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery